Remove Mold In Basement

How To Remove Mold From Your Basement

Mold removal can come out as one of the biggest worries that a householder has to go through. Molds can be dangerous and toxic. They can be the reasons why everyone in your household is falling sick. Additionally, they also degrade the look of the place where they occur.

A basement is the most suitable place for a mold to grow. This area generally doesn’t receive fresh air as much as your living room or bedroom does. Sunlight also doesn’t enter properly and the temperature remains low. In this case, if there is even a slight level of humidity in the basement, the mold will get ample opportunity to grow. Here are a few simple and effective steps that you must follow in order to remove mold from your basement.

  1. Wash and cleanse the walls- This is the most time consuming process of them all though it is the simplest. You have to make soap and water solution that can be sprayed directly onto your walls. Make sure that the soap is not too harsh as it can damage your walls. Take a brush with a long handle and then start scrubbing the walls. This way, you will be able to get rid of all the spores. Later, you can use a brush with a smaller handle to remove any chances of spores and debris on the walls. Take as much time as you wish on this process, but make sure the walls are completely clean.
  2. Bleach the walls- commercial bleach is the most potent remedy against the mold growth in your house. However, first you must take some safety precautions. You must try to provide some ventilation to your basement. Then put on a mask and gloves and if possible, try to protect the eyes as well. All you have to do now is pour one cup of bleach in one gallon of water and brush the walls thoroughly with it. The bleaching agent might emit some fumes which may cause lightheadedness. You must make sure that you get some fresh air after every half an hour so that you don’t get sick. After several hours, when the bleach has been applied and the walls have been let to dry off for 15-20 minutes, you are done with step 2.
  3. Drying and aftercare- After the bleach has been left to stay, dry the walls completely with a dry cleaning cloth. Make sure that you provide proper ventilation to the basement from now on and remove any chances of moisture or dampness in the area.
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