Black Mold Health Risks

Black Mold Health Risks That Exist

There are many Black mold health risks that exist and can be in your home at this very moment. It is the result of fungal growth on water-damaged materials. Your home may have been subjected, over the years to moisture and poor air quality that caused this growth. That is why it is imperative that you, on your own or with the help of a professional carefully inspect your home to ensure that all is well and that you and your family are not in danger.

Black Mold Health Risks

Black Mold Health Risks Photo by Mathy via Flickr

Exposure to black mold can cause numerous illnesses and conditions with various symptoms. The fact is that there are airborne spores that our beliefs by mold. These create allergies in most people, more in some people than others. These spores are often the cause of such conditions, but the medical community treats the result only. That’s why it is of utmost importance to determine whether your symptoms are stemming from the structure in which you work or live in.

One fine example is chronic sinus problems which include sinus headaches, congestion and such. More and more people are suffering from this and are led to believe that it is either allergies or something along those lines. Certain studies have proven that exposure to black mold is often the culprit.

By the same token, many people suffer from symptoms that are similar to the flu, including headaches, fever, and the like. Asthma is yet another huge problem that is associated to mold spores. In many cases, it is environmental factors that are the main cause of asthma, and these spores can often be the cause. Of course, toxic mold is known to cause problems in the respiratory system, but it doesn’t end there!

Even the digestive tract can be affected by mold poisoning. There is no stopping these airborne spores once they get into the body through the respiratory system. Once they’re in, they turn into micro-toxins and can rest just about anywhere.

Many people who have been subjected to toxic molds have suffered from a wide range of effects, depending on the length of exposure. People exposed to it can suffer from irritation to the eyes, nose, throat; chronic coughing; vomiting; nosebleeds and even bleeding in the lungs.

In some cases, those that are extreme, toxic mold has even caused deaths in those with compromised immune systems or in the very young was immune systems have not developed fully. Living a comfortable and healthy life is important for everyone, regardless of age area why subject yourselves and your families to living miserably with terrible symptoms that may be the result of what is living in your home.

It is up to you and only you to take matters into your own hands and trying to resolve these issues. Your medical practitioner doesn’t know that you have been exposed, if so, to toxic mold spores. He or she will only treat your symptoms. Therefore purchasing a kit or hiring a professional to do the research throughout your home and get rid of the mold using the best mold removal products is a priority.

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